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Talk, Read, Play WI

600 East Main St., Suite 200

Watertown, WI 53094

(920) 390-4000

The TalkReadPlay Center promotes quality early learning opportunities while supporting parents and caregivers in helping their children grow and learn.The best-in-class space inspires and supports learning interactions, facilitate access to resources, champion caregivers as their child’s first teacher, and work beyond its walls to build the community supports that families need to thrive.

Located at the Watertown Public Library, the Center houses both the Watertown Public Library Children’s Department and Watertown Family Connections (formerly the Watertown Family Center.) Both organizations offer programs for children ages 0-5 including playgroups, storytimes, parenting education and more.

The Center also features interactive spaces where parents and children can learn through play. Some of these spaces are still under construction, with expected completion in Spring 2022.

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